I have often prayed that God would show me the face of Christ. I believe that he has inspired my hands and turned my eyes towards His people.


It is my hope that every person who sees my drawings and hears my story will see a glimpse of the face of Christ and the many facets of his life. If we can have faith enough to believe that the Lord can speak to us, we will begin to see him move mountains in our lives. He has blessed all of us with wonderful gifts that only He can reveal to us.

There is a difference between drawing a picture and creating a piece of art. Drawing a picture doesn’t necessarily engage the heart, however, creating a piece of art that takes on life is done with passion and from the depths of the heart of the artist. In essence, the artist becomes one with the drawing. The passion in me is the love of God working through my hands. I love sharing this wonderful gift that allows me to express from within.

When I commit to doing a portrait of any kind, I first must form a relationship with the subject. It is a relationship that evolves from a few simple marks on the paper increasing with intensity and depth as I build layer upon layer, applying and removing the graphite. My whole body or being must completely be involved in what I am doing at the moment, as I always seem to lose awareness of the world around me.