Student Testimonials

I think you are an extraordinary art teacher. I have learned so much from you as a student , the way you teach is is astounding because you present it in such a way that is very easy to understand. After a lesson from you I am motivated to spend many hours drawing. –Young Student

You are more than an art teacher. You are a ballroom of ideas. You are somewhat like a scientist, because you are always trying new things. You reach far, and set your goals high. You always think of ways to give things back to others. –Young Student

Loree is an inspiring teacher. Her enthusiasm for the project at hand makes me want to continue learning and accomplishing something that I am rather proud of. No question is too silly. She can explain the minutest detail and can validate your question by giving a well thought answer. A lesson with Loree is an inspiring and exciting experience. –Adult Student

Loree has freed me up to explore different techniques. I am more relaxed and willing to try new things. She is a wonderful, caring person and excellent teacher. –Adult Student

I like that you are open to what the student wants to do, and you still manage to teach a lesson besides that. –Young Student


Dear Mrs. Lam, I cannot thank you enough ! What you taught me today was absolutely astounding ! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I learned great techniques from you. I will never forget our time drawing together. This is surely a memory to treasure. You are the best teacher ever !! Truly remarkable! You are certainly in God’s hands. He will surely guide you in a right position; and that position is to become an artist like none other. –Adult Student

Commissioned Portraiture Testimonials

I want you to know that you captured her beautiful smile – it was wide and full. You captured her beautiful brown eyes – they sparkled. And you did a beautiful job with her hair – it is perfect- the exact way she wore it. The photo was dark and I love the way you made the background light and she just comes to life. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy it brings me just to stare at this picture. I have been dreaming about Amy ever since we got it. For ten years I have wanted to dream about her and rarely have been able to – there is so much pain surrounding her death. On Christmas night I dreamt about her all night. I awoke as if I had actually spent time with her. I am overcome with gratitude that your gift from God found its way into our lives. –Gail Harsh 12/27/2003

Four years ago I would never have believed that Clay would be able to touch the lives of people he did not even know so long after his death. You have proven that people can do great work here on earth even after they are gone. –Sandy Marlowe 11/9/2004

She has the ability to some how capture the spirit of our children even though she never knew them. The pictures she has done of Clay have brought me so much joy and comfort. When I asked Clay to send me a sign that he was with me I had no idea he would send me Loree and her special talent. Not only is she special because she is so talented but she is also special because she is such a giving, loving, and generous person. –Sandy

Truly Loree’s talent is God given and a true modern day miracle. The emotions that flood over me when I gaze at the portrait brings back memories that I have not experienced in years. Words can not truly express my gratitude or the joy that I have experienced from having a tangible reminder of my mother’s beauty and grace. –Jerry

Dear Loree, Early in the day on Christmas Eve, I had gone to the cemetery and asked Kraig to be with us in some special way, since our entire family would be together for Christmas. In the afternoon Bette called and asked if she could drop by for a few minutes saying she had something she knew I would love. Well, there was no way to imagine or to prepare for how much we would love your pencil drawing of our Kraig! I only wish you could have seen my husbands and my reaction to your heaven sent drawing and then for you to see each of our children as they studied the portrait of their youngest brother so alive in your drawing. I was immediately struck with the answer to my prayer of that morning–Kraig certainly was with us all in a most special way through the gift of Bette and the gift of your heart and hands. We thank you more than you will ever know and we will thank you forever. Love,┬áKaryl and Mike Frick and family

The parishioners of St. Cyril and Methodius Church wish to thank you for the wonderful portrait of Rev. Father Deacon Charles. It is a beautiful rendition of him, and it will be displayed proudly so that we will all be reminded of him and what a treasure he was to our parish. –Lois Snyder, Saints Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church